Question:    What are your store hours?
Answer:       Monday thru Friday:     8:00am - 5:30pm
                                       Saturday:   8:00am - 4:00pm
                                        Sunday     Closed 
Question:   What are your rental requirements?

Answer:      All you need to rent equipment from Rick's Rental World is a valid ID, valid address,                              and telephone number.  We ask for full rental price up front for equipment rental.  All major                        credit cards are accepted.

Question:   Can I phone or email in my order?

Answer:     Yes you can.  Email your order to us, or you can fill out our simple online order form and                        we will contact you promptly regarding your order.
Question:    Are Estimates Free? 

Answer:      Yes, telephone and/or email estimates are free.  You'll find our staff willing to spend as much                      time with you on the phone or online, and gather the necessary information to help plan your                      event and estimate the costs.  We can also have someone measure your site to make sure                      your tent will fit

Question:   Is Delivery Free? 

Answer:      No, there is generally a modest charge that covers delivery and pickup.  We do charge more                      for delivery/pickups that require carrying merchandise up or down stairs, showing up at                              specific times or weekends or locations that are a great distance from our warehouse

Question:   Do I have to wash the dishes and glasses after we use them? 

Answer:      No, you don't have to wash them but dishes need to be food free and please pour liquids out                      of the glasses and coffee urns.. 

Question:   How far in advance do we need to book? 

Answer:      It depends on what you need, and when you need it. On linens, we would appreciate a                              weeks notice. On tables and chairs, we can usually live with shorter notice. If you are                                planning a June wedding with a tent, you should try to book as early as possible.

Question:    Do you take credit cards? 

Answer:       Yes 

Question:    Do you deliver to my area? 

Answer:      We will delivery wherever needed.  Delivery fee is based on mileage from our location.