Stihl TS 460
There's one way to describe cutting through asphalt, concrete or metal tough. Not anymore. The TS 460 STIHL Cutquik® cut-off machine provides all the power and portability you need to cut right through the demanding materials. With an excellent power-to-weight ratio, this compact and reliable cut-off machine is perfect for heavy-duty work on construction sites, deconstruction areas or rescue operations.

72.4 cc (4.42 cu. in.)

TS 460 STIHL Cutquik® 


ENGINE POWER                                        3.5 kW (4.75 bhp)
WEIGHT*                                                   11.85 kg (26.1 lbs.)
FUEL TANK CAPACITY                               960 cc (33.4 oz.)
ENGINE SPEED                                         8,500 rpm (Elec. Gov.)
MAX. SPINDLE SPEED                               5,350 rpm
ARBOR SIZE                                              20 mm
MAXIMUM WHEEL SIZE                             350 mm (14")
MAXIMUM CUTTING DEPTH                       125 mm (4.9")