John Deere 27D Excavator

Make: Yanmar
Model: 3TNV88
Net Power: 26.4 hp 
Displacement: 100 cu in 
Number of Cylinders: 3

Operating Weight: 6393.4 lb 
Fuel Capacity: 10.5 gal 
Hydrauilc System Fluid Capacity: 9.2 gal 
Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity: 16.4 gal/min 

Misc. specs:
Ground Pressure: 3.9 psi 
Max Travel Speed: 2.8 mph 
Max Digging Depth: 8.6 ft in 
Max Loading Height: 10.5 ft in 

Width to Outside of Tracks: 5.1 ft in 
Height to Top of Cab: 8.1 ft in 
Ground Clearance: 1 ft in 
Counterweight Clearance: 1.8 ft in 
Tail Swing Radius: 2.5 ft in 
Length of Track on Ground: 4.9 ft in 

Delivery Cost: $4.00/mile x Round trip mileage ($50.00 in town)